How to Clean the Bathroom Floor (4-Easy Steps)

Last updated on June 5th, 2022

Bathrooms are a very important part of your household. It’s a multipurpose room that gives you privacy, as well as provides you with the resources you need for just about any form of getting ready.

We use them all the time, and there’s pretty much always someone in the bathroom. Whether we want to take bath or go toilet, the bathrooms is definitely crucial to keep it as clean as possible.

Therefore, you should definitely expect a little grit and grime on the floor. And, while it is a natural occurrence that every homeowner has to deal with, there are ways to resolve a dirty bathroom floor.

how to clean bathroom floor

Best Way to Clean Bathroom Floor (Step-by-step Guide)

The following are the steps to one of the best methods to cleaning a bathroom or toilet floor. If you follow the steps closely, I am sure you can clean the bathroom fast and make it shine again.

Step 1: Preparing the Bathroom

Before you do any cleaning, you’re going to want to remove any items that don’t belong in the actual bathroom itself. This includes bathroom rugs, clothes, cups, trash, toilet brushes, side tables, and movable storage cabinets.

Step 2: A Sweep A Day Keeps The Tile Man Away!

Next, you should do thorough overall sweeping job to make the actually cleaning process easier. Sweep away any loose dirt, dust, or grit on the bathroom floor. You also can use the vacuum cleaner to clean it if it’s not wet.

Step 3: Creating the Perfect Cleaning Solution

Once you have removed all loose items and swept away the dirt, it’s time to get into creating the cleaning solution. Now, for this step, you can choose from a few different solutions, all made for different cleaning purposes:

*For Regular Cleaning Jobs-

Combine 1 gallon water and 1 cup standard white vinegar to create a solution that will cut through dirt, stains, grease, and even hairspray! It’s a simple but deadly combination to give your bathroom that luxurious glossy shine you’re looking for.

*For Heavier Duty Cleaning-

If the floor hasn’t been cleaned in a while, or you’ve just got a lot of dirt and grime to cut through on your bathroom floor, add a few drops of dish liquid to the vinegar solution described previously. If needed, you may also want to double or triple the solution size, based on the size of your floor and the degree of the filth.

*For Removing Mold and Mildew-

Combine 1/4 cup bleach and 3/4 cup water to create the perfect solution that will cut through all the unwanted mold and mildew within those tough-to-reach crevices between your floor tiles.

*For Removing Soap Scum and Other Buildup

Combine 1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup water, and a tablespoon of liquid dish detergent, now to remove soap scum (along with other buildup) from the crevices between tiles.

Step 4: Mopping Time!

Once you have chosen the solution you think will work best for your bathroom, it’s time to get down to mopping.

You’re going to want to start by grabbing another bucket filled with warm water, which will serve as your rinse bucket throughout the process. Dunk your mop in the cleaning solution bucket and ring out the mop head to remove excess liquid.

Then, begin mopping by starting at the back of the room and working your way towards the door. Use this technique and run over the tiles a few times, not neglecting the hard to reach areas- they’re most likely the dirtiest.

To help you better clean the toilet or bathroom, watch the following video:

Aftermath: Keeping The Tiles Clean

Now, while it may seem great to see your floors looking nice and clean, you need to take a few extra steps to ensure that they stay that way. Here are a few tips that will help to keep your bathroom floor clean:

*Use an area rug at the bathroom entrance to avoid tracking in extra dirt and other filth from shoe bottoms.

*Utilize an absorbent rug in front of the bathroom or shower to prevent the floor from getting wet.

*Make sure you always keep a window open to avoid mold growth within your bathroom. If you don’t have a bathroom window, always keep a fan on while showering.
*Incorporate sweeping and mopping into your weekly routine to stop dirt, grime, mold, and mildew from building up over a course of time.


In conclusion, using this article as a guideline, it will no longer be impossible to keep your bathroom floors looking just as shiny and glossy as the first day you had them!

Of course, do a regular cleaning on the bathroom including the water basin, toilet and floors is a must if you want to keep it clean all the time. You shouldn’t wait until you see grime and dirt only that you start to clean the bathroom floor.

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