How to Operate and Maintain a Vacuum Well?

Last updated on June 5th, 2022

Vacuums now becomes more and more common in our life as almost every household own at least one. Therefore, it seems quite essential to know how to operate and maintain your vacuum well. Vacuums can definitely help on your daily cleaning tasks, but in order to keep them work effectively a proper maintain is required.

how to maintain a vacuum


Ways to Operate and Maintain your Vacuum Well

Here we give you some tips for you to operate and maintain your vacuum well. We hope these following tips can help:

  1. If you live in a multi-storey building, you should begin with the top floor, the last rooms first and then move to other rooms.
  2. Always remember the “top-down’’ rule. It means you always do above floors cleaning first i.e. curtain, fan, etc, and then couch, table, carpets and floor for the last one.
  3. When the filter gets full or too much dust, let clean it. Don’t make them spill because if the filter full, dirt and pet hair… will be stuck in the wind port. That makes suction weaker, wastes more energy and electronic and then the machine soon breaks down. Filters should be replaced every six month.
  4. For bagless models, empty the dust bin frequently. And clean the spinning brush underneath which clean directly the carpets. Look under the machine you can see the brush roll.
vacuum brush roll

Look under the machine you can see the brush roll.

  1. Generally, it will be across the front of the bottom. If it is full of hair or debris, it is time to clean it.
  2. Always remember to read manual instruction before using. It has all essential things and important information you need to know.
  3. Remember to turn-off and wait until the motor stop spinning then turn on the machine every 5 minutes while using to avoid overheating.
  4. Check the suction hose more frequently to make sure that hair or wool yarn aren’t stuck.
  5. You should go to care center to check and fix any possible problem with the vacuum. Just small care will help the vacuums last longer and remain strong suction.
  6. When choosing a vacuum, you should consider one of which cord is long enough to move the vacuum easily around the house without unplugging several times.

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Operation Instructions in a Household

Following are the steps you can take before, during and after you do the vacuuming:

Before operating

  1. The vacuum must be unplugged before its accessories are assembled or disassembled.
  2. Never operate the vacuum without filter or in case filter is being in wrong position or be sucked.
  3. Do not puts your vacuums into water or expose to any other liquid.
  4. Make a good practice to ensure your hands are dry while using the vacuums.

Operate vacuum cleaner

  1. Assembling the accessories into the vacuum
  2. Pulling wire out and plug into the socket.
  3. Push the on/off button to turn the vacuum on and use.


  • You should move slowly forward and backward on carpets/rugs. The vacuum can’t pick up dirt well if it moves too fast.
  • You can adjust the suction power by using speed the button on the handheld.
  • Be careful with the cord when it retracts, it can hurt you.
  • When you clean the vacuum, turn off the machine before curling wire.
  • Don’t vacuum in wet areas, as well as suck high temperature things and sharp materials.

After operating

  1. Turn Off the vacuum properly.
  2. Remove the vacuum power cord from the socket and wrap it nicely.
  3. Put the vacuum so that it’s unreachable by small kids.


How to Preserve Your Vacuum?

In order to properly maintain a vacuum, you should always alert and taking action immediately if you found anything not correct happen on the cleaner. Here are some of the basic steps you can follow:

If the vacuum is not working, let check:

  • The machine is not connected with outlet.
  • Electric power source is off.
  • The hose is not fitted with the machine.
  • If you really cannot power on the machine, you should switch and test on other power outlet. If problem still persists, contact the vacuum technician.

Losing suction power, let check if:

  • It can be sucked by something’s
  • The filter can be clogged. Clean or change it.
  • The canister or bin is full. Take dirt off canister/bin and clean it.

The vacuum is off while you are using let check if:

  • The vacuum’s motor can be off when it is overheated.
  • Turn off the machine by push the on/off button and unplug.
  • Wait while it gets cooler for 30-40 minutes while examining pipes, nozzle…it may be sucked.
  • You can come back to work when your vacuum has been cool.



Knowing how to properly use a vacuum cleaner is not difficult but knowing how to maintain a vacuum cleaner is the keys to keep a vacuum life longer. That’s why we hope that this article can help all the vacuum users to maintain the vacuum properly.

Basically, you need to read the instruction manual before start operating the cleaner. You also will learn some of the basic maintenance techniques to keep your vacuum operating in it maximum performance.

Hope the tips here can help prolong your vacuum cleaner lifespan.

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