The Complete Robot Vacuum Buying Guide

Last updated on February 13th, 2023

The latest Technology always catches the sight of innovative minds and inquisitive hearts. Robot vacuum cleaners are the choice of up-to-date lifestyles. It works better to the entire satisfaction of its users who have good taste in a clean and neat environment.

Actually busy hectic daily routine always demands comfort and ease in doing domestic work and chores. We cannot get rid of domestic chores whether it is dishwashing or having unlimited loads of laundry but cleaning and vacuuming the house surpasses all other chores.

We are in a bit of a pickle and exhausted after doing all such labor. These droids of today are helpful too for the sick, the elderly, the handicapped, or the persons with mobility problems.

Here is a guide to facilitate and choose the right one and the required one out of a lot. But before purchasing one, you will need to look at several of the best robot vacuums to determine which one will satisfy your specific cleaning needs and requirements.

Why Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Why Robotic Vacuum?

Robot gizmos are special helpers for the set-it and set-out community. Time-saving and time management are the peculiarities of the latest technology. However, the robot vacuum cleaner is available in the market with a variety of features and prices as per the demands of users.

Whatever you have to do is to figure out the required features and your affordability. Here required features mean the type of your home floor, whether it is carpeted floor or simple hardwood floor, pet hair problem, area of your home, etc.

This robot vacuum buyer’s guide will help you a lot, although reading this is tough and boring yet the thing you choose through this guidance will not be irksome or a source of boredom for you.

In short, robot vacuums are a trend of today, and in the future; they will come with more surprising features. For everyone, the purpose is to save precious time to be spent on more productive and pleasant activities with the prevention of health issues like asthma, back pain, sore feet, dust allergy, etc.

Form and Shape of Robot Vacuum

Mostly robot vacuum cleaners are in circular form with a diameter of 4-5 inches tall. Some of them are square or D shape. The cost of these robotic gizmos fluctuates as per their functionality. Its functionality starts from a simple on/off button to an LCD screen with multiple accessories.

Often such cleaning machines have 3 wheels with different brushes ranging from one to many. Some of these robotic gizmos have operating wheels and some move on track and can change their mode according to the type of floor, carpeted, hardwood, or ceramic.

How This High-Tech Device Work?

These robot vacuum cleaners are rewarded with the capability to receive,

retain and comply with your orders. All the vacuums work on the same principle. A motor-driven fan presses the air out of an exhaust port. As a result, suction is created at an intake port that pulls dust particles into the vacuum, this polluted air and dirt pass through a filter, which strains the air and debris remains in the bag or removable tank.

In some vacuums, motorized brushes help in extracting debris from the area as the vacuum intake port moves on it. Robot vacuum cleaners are high-tech home automation furnished with infrared sensors that can scan the required place multiple times.

The robot designs a three-degree map of the area. This map will go on updated according to the situation of the area to move on its work, most robot vacuum cleaners have high suction power to dispose of the dust particles that come on their way. With detection algorithms, these machines search and find the dirty area to make them spick and span. The robot vacuums scuttle around and can sweep the area in straight lines that overlap, move randomly, or in spirals. It keeps its track to get the shining floors.

Of course, the performance depends on the model of a robot vacuum cleaner. It works efficiently on smooth surfaces. Its light sensors don’t work in unlighted places; otherwise, your Robovac might stumble or topple down. The average navigation time for this cleaning machine is about 90 minutes after 3 hrs charge, which means, at least 4 rooms. When these Robotic gizmos return to their docking station; their back home navigation is guided by the sensory light beam emitted by its base station. This light beam spreads in a V form and guides the Robovac to reach and recharge itself.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

We divided the choosing criteria into two major considerations which are the vacuum features as well as the house environment that will affect the performance and capabilities of a Robovac. So you need to consider it before buying a new robot machine.

Part I.) The 8 Vacuum Features

The following are some of the important robotic vac features that will affect the performance of a machine and you should take note of them.

1.) Suction Power

The suction power of a robot vacuum is as important as the vacuum itself, especially for those houses which have lavish and palatial wall-to-wall carpets. A vacuum with strong suction power will lift up more dirt and other fluff as compared to other machines with low suction power. The suction power of a vacuum is closely linked to the number of amps and the running quality of the vacuum’s motor. In other words, if the number of amps is higher the suction power will be greater too.

2.) Debris Removal

Most of the robot vacuum cleaners are without bags, they have receptacles near the top of their bodies which are easily accessible for the users to vacate the robot cleaner. Most robot vacuum cleaners have detachable containers and a very good filtration system to pick the dust, trash, or pet hair but these containers are often small in size, if not emptied at frequent intervals, their heaviness creates hindrance in the required quality of performance. So, choose the BObsweep Pet Hair Plus which has the largest dustbin at 1 L (1000ml).

3.) Dust Bags

Generally, all robot gizmos have tiny dust bags when we compare them to standard vacuum cleaners. Standard-size of dust bins are often 12 oz to 14 oz.

When robot vacuums dust bags are full, the users have to move forward to vacate them from fluff and dirt, that’s why you must be on watch to check their mobility however, costly vacuum cleaners have an alarm system in the form of a light beep to make you alert that the bag is full and you have to empty it. It all depends on the amount of debris and the frequency of the vacuum cleaner.

Moreover, bagless robot cleaners are a little bit cheaper as you don’t need to purchase bags but you need more filters to make the cleaning task better; vacating the bags from fluff or trash is another headache for dust allergy patients. Also, the large dust bag increases the size of robotic vacuums and drains more battery power.  

4.) Brush Type

Some tools of crevices and brushes can do simple cleaning in a better way. A powered intake, edge cleaner can help a lot to clean wall-to-wall carpets.

The type of brush on the robot devices determines the rapidness of cleaning no matter how much tough it is. The brush bar with beaters picks up the dust to its surface and sucks it up. Some models of Samsung and iRobot have

full-width Turbo brush bars, sweeper brushes, and little brushes to sweep and clean the filthy place.

The latest devices will use laser-guided scanners or a combination of cameras, sensors, and ‘virtual walls’ to map out the required place; the sensors over it also detect the completion of the task. The Robovac with the wheel has brushes to clean dirt and pet fluff, one or two lateral brushes are present on the sides of the device to clean every nook and corner near the walls.

The motorized brush of the vacuum cleaner can be handier as compared to the suction power, a switch can disconnect the brush activity so that floor polish can be saved without creating a mess.

5.) Filtration System

A neat and tidy environment needs a powerful vacuum cleaner filtration system with a change of filters off and on. A filtration system with a vacuum is essential for dust allergy and asthma patients. A robotic vacuum with a poor filtration system or a burden of crevices in the body can spread irritants that can make you sneezy and wheezy.

Appended below is the list of types of filters that are being used in Robovacs.

Cartridge Filters: Easily detachable, disposable. They are made from synthetic products like foam, and pleated papers.

Foam Filters: They filter the air to save you from microbes, pet dander, and allergens. Some of them are washable.

Disk Filters: They are paper or cloth made, a little bit expensive, they can sustain dirt and dust.

Washable (Cloth) Filters: Specific for commercial areas where large vacuum cleaners are used. They are washable and can be reused.

HEPA Filters – It’s actually a feature found in vacuum filters.

The most efficient and effective type of filter is a HEPA filter.

Their performance is 99% accurate as they filter air, even radioactive particles. They are manufactured from special types of fiber and can remove all types of allergens and asthma-causing agents. Consumer comments are fantastic and encouraging as far as their results are concerned. However, they work efficiently if they are well-fitted and airtight.

  • Micro fresh Filters: Micro fresh filters are a chemical substance used for the sterilization of air that passes through filters. Their durability is from 6 to 8 months.
  • Allergen Filters: Their specific design confines even the smallest particles in the air.
  • Pet Filters: They not only snare pet hair but can remove pet odor too (if some baking soda is added to it).
  • Scented Filters: They not only remove the bad odor but can scatter fragrance in the air.
  • ULPA Filters: They are non–washable and are used in pharmaceutical labs to maintain a high standard of sanitation.
  • Wet and Dry Filters: These filters are used with wet and dry robot vacs. 

6.) Clamour of your Robot Machine

Robot vacuums generally work more smoothly than standard vacuum cleaners yet some create disturbance by producing clamor and noise through going and grinding noise. This clamor is acceptable when you are out of your home so set it to task and go get-go.

Certainly, this thing is not annoying for you but it can annoy your neighbor. Notable point is that; noisy vacs are cheaper and more powerful. But buy a quiet one. Because a quiet engine brings relaxation to you, you don’t need to wait for the members of your family to wake up completely to make it navigate with a gong.

7.) Stair Detection Capability

This feature in robot vacuum cleaners is available in all models; through it, the Robovac can sense the obstacle, a ledge, or a step so it can retreat to avoid damage. Moreover, supplemented vacuum is needed for carpeted stairs. You can buy a cordless upright and a Robovac instead of a full-sized vacuum.

Also read: Best vacuum for stairs cleaning.

8.) Virtual Wall

This accessory in your vacuum creates an invisible obstacle so that the robot vac may not enter the prohibited area. The strips used in Virtual walls are made of infra-red material or magnetic fiber. Some companies use plastic towers with infrared signals to behave like lighthouses while others use strips to detect impediments during the navigation of Robotic gizmos.

Before we move to the external considerations, you also may consider:

  • Remote is really helpful to save you to kneel down to start the vacuum
  • Auto-scheduling is significant to set the vacuum at a task in your absence
  • Opt for the speedy robot machine if you require

II.) 7 External Factors

These refer to the factor other than vacuum features itself like your home environment and budget for the new machine, etc. Those include:

1. Apartment’s or Room Size Matter

What matters greatly is the size of your apartment. Robot vacuum cleaners are designed for all types of apartments as per their size, e.g. Samsung Powerboat R7070 can roam about 2000 square feet with ease and without any tension for battery power. The Roomba 675 is a budget cleaner that can clean 3 bedrooms apartment. 

An apartment with less furniture is ideal for vacuuming but actual situations are always different from the ideal one. The actual situation is that the houses are filled with furniture, cabins, pets, toddlers, etc.

So, the robots are programmed to sense and map the area to complete the cleaning task assigned to them. Some robot vacuums can clean a single room nicely to enhance their performance; the iRobot lighthouse is helpful and is sold separately.

2. Cleaning Underneath the Furniture

Not all robotics can move comfortably under furniture. They may get stuck underneath even with tiny impediments.

The size of the vacuum must be considered in mind when cleaning underneath the furniture is concerned. Most of the robot machines have a height of fewer than 4 inches; it will make it easier to approach all areas for thorough cleaning.

The Eufy Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac is a very thin robot vac. Make sure, robot cleaners are not clean curtains and other furnishings or the inner parts of your vehicles.

Robot models which have height of 4 or 5 inches tall maybe cannot clean the dust particles underneath your bed or seating arrangements. So, think twice when you want to get those models like Dyson 360 Eye.

i.) Cleaning modes

Often six cleaning modes are available:

  • Auto or Normal is to clean the whole room.
  • Manual Cleaning is through the On/Off button.
  • Spot Point Cleaning: To clean the specific area for deep cleaning purposes.
  • Turbo: Turbo bars help the cleaning purpose more efficient.
  • Dust Sensor helps to navigate and detect obstructions. Many top navigation systems are available in high-end devices such as gyroscopes, cameras, and ultrasonic sensors.
  • Remote Control and an App too: Make the cleaning easier especially controlling and scheduling the machine.

ii.) Debris at your home

How dirty your home is? This seems intrusive but significant. The size of your family calculates the amount of dirt your home contains. The home with many kids gets dirty and needs more vacuuming than the homes with mature and grown-up kids. So stronger vacuum mops have been designed and have jet facilities and cleaning pads that have the power to pick up stubborn stains.

iii.) How about carpeted houses?

Robot models have both the quality of cleaning carpeted or hardwood floors. Here the difference is variation in their quality and performance. The cleaners that can detect the type of cleaning surface and can adjust its suction power accordingly are the best. 

For example, Neato Botvac Connected can be adjusted between Turbo and Eco modes for extra suction power to clean carpeted floors. Some robot models are specialized according to the floor type like the iRobot Braava jet 240 is more suitable for hard floors.

So make the right choice for the type of floor you have in your home. There are several traditional vacuums for you to choose from:

  • Upright Vacs are more suitable for carpeted floors or floors with lots of rugs.
  • Canister Vacuums are handy for the house having many hardwood and stairs, including laminate hard & tile floors.
  • Stick and Handheld Vacuums are helpful for lighter and quick actions. Buy nowadays, some stick models are also very powerful and you can take advantage of their cordless feature.

High-pile carpets are too thick for the robot vacuums cleaners to tread on them. It is there like a beached Dolphin, so vacuuming over shaggy carpets needs extra care. It is suitable only for carpets having a thickness of not more than 1 inch. However, the Roombas are exceptional in this regard.

3. Hark! Still to Decide

Still to decide is the purpose of vacuuming. Just cleaning needs a cheaper vacuum but if you want to make your time productive, leave all to your vacuum appliance. What you have to do is to loosen the purse strings a bit! So it’s up to you to purchase the higher-end versions or something without extra performance devices.

Make sure from which brand you are getting your machine, So that spare parts, accessories, and manufacturer’s help and guidance are always at your reach e.g. phone number, email address for your quarries, and concerns about the device you have bought. Trusted, big brands are always reliable for you.

4. Types Regarding Its Functionality

Robot cleaners are of various types according to their cost and functionality. Mainly can be divided into three types:

  • Sweepers
  • Vacuums
  • Mops

There are certain specifications regarding the use of robot vacuum and robot Mop. Robot mops are specific for hard flooring; they have microfiber cloth with water of cleaning fluid dispenser to spruce your homes.

Most robot cleaners have combined features of sweeping and vacuuming and this type is in vogue since the beginning. iRobot’s Roomba 880  and newer models have combined systems of sweeping, vacuuming, and moping but not all the robot units have the capability of doing all this.

Mopping is done by microfiber fabric attachments without moisture. The Braava has the quality that it can automatically choose the right cleaning mode for the type of pad you are using on your floor. It does not spray its water at its surroundings.

For mopping just pop a pad on, put some water for wet mopping and press the clean button and set the area for mopping. There is a handy eject button too, that picks out the used pad after the mopping is done. The extra water can be ejected after the usage. But the problem with this mop is that you have to buy replacement pads.

So it is not problematic because consumers’ comments are good for this but, it can’t handle carpeted floors Robot Braava jet 240 Robot Mop uses disposable wet and dry mop pads to clean the area. The wet mop setting can remove stains with it. Spray and dry mop to clean the dust and pet hairs from the area.  

Choosing a robot mopping requirements:

  • Weight: Heavy mop works harder on stubborn cleaning areas.
  • Size: Cleaning under the cabinets or tight corners will be easy with them.
  • Type of floor: The device suitable for all types of flooring is the best.

5. Pet Friendly and Allergens’ Foe

Some Robots are specialized to pick up pet hairs nicely. For example, the Samsung PowerBot 7260 Pet Plus is one of the top scorers on consumer comments. However, dust allergy patients can prevent themselves by getting a HEPA filter device with a vacuum cleaner to diminish the propagation of allergy-causing allergens. But with the passage of time, clogging trouble can restrict the efficacy of HEPA filters. So you have to be on watch when this clogging occurs.

6. Programming – Your Crony in Cleaning

The top quality of a robot cleaner is its programming or its provision of a specific schedule to work on its own without distracting you from your work. The user set the time and date with frequency and lets it go.

The time scheduling capability of robot vacuums will let you avail time for shopping and other activities. If you have sudden guests at home, when you return back, you don’t like them to view the debris scattered everywhere. In this hour of need, your crony comes forward to help you out.

Just pre-program it, and leave the house on it. This satisfaction of having a neat and clean home is priceless, especially after a hectic long day of labor, you are satisfied that someone is doing the cleaning process in your place of you.  

  • Remote Control:  

Another feature of the robot cleaners is the availability of remote control to direct it manually to a specific place to clean the place deeply. The use of remote control basically, is to operate the vacuum for cleaning. But if the robot unit is too much ignored by the user, it may not be useful. So, it is better to use a standard vacuum which is cheaper and effective as well.

  • Scheduling over Wi-Fi

Some of the robot vacuums have the provision expensive programming feature to be scheduled over Wi-Fi through the smartphone app, e.g.(1) iRobot Roomba 880 (2) EufyBoostIQRoboVac 30C Max has features of app control and programming (3) iRobot Roomba 960 is another higher-end robot machine that can be linked with your Wi-Fi network and also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

  • Battery Life   

The battery life of your vacuum cleaner is of greater significance; primarily Robovacs have two types of batteries; Lithium-ion, and Nickel-Metal hydride batteries. Both types are rechargeable. The working time of Lithium-ion batteries is longer as compared to Nickel-Metal batteries, but Nickel-Metal batteries have a longer life span than the others. 

It may be about an hour or less on a single charge. And half-hour and higher-end vacuum cleaners provide almost 2 hrs of operation.

  • Vacuum behavior regarding battery life.

The robot of your choice should go back to its base station either the battery is low or the cleaner has completed its task. Don’t let them stay away from your home, otherwise, you have to go for their search, Oh my Gosh! Where is my Robo?

The self-charging capability.

The cleaner can sense a low battery and set its response accordingly. Once it returns to its base station, it will remain there till its full charging and then it restarts its incomplete work.

7. New Vs. Old Machine

Customers who search for vac cleaners in retail stores have only the option to purchase brand-new vacuums. However, we can have both second-hand and new robotic vacuums. Usually, refurbish or used vacuum cleaners are less expensive than the new ones, so the customer who cannot afford higher prices can purchase the old product from the market.


All pros and cons as well as essentials regarding the purchase and after-purchase matters have been discussed in detail in this robot vacuum cleaner buyer’s guide. I think these droids provide you with some reason to buy one for yourself. Of course, you get what you pay. Whatever model you like to opt for your use, it makes your housework a breeze.

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