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Last updated on June 5th, 2022

We already know the vacuums are one of the best and most useful tools at home. They do all the hard work for us to make sure our house would be the cleanest house in town.

Although we all have vacuum in our house, maybe more than one, we still don’t unleash the true potential of the vacuum! Thanks god we have YouTube in our world, and some creative minds which took videos of vacuum cleaners.

Not only average guides of vacuum cleaners, but also some funny and entertaining vacuums with pets’ videos, advertises of vacuum cleaners and many more! All these and more show us the full experience of a vacuum cleaner. So that we won’t miss anything, let’s start our vacuum cleaner videos list!

Vacuum Cleaner History

Before diving into the entertaining part, we should all take quick short lesson of history, the vacuum cleaners history!

This video shows all we need to have the general information about how actually the vacuum cleaner was born, who is the brain behind this invention… who is the vacuum cleaner inventor?!

How to Choose A Vacuum Cleaner?

There are many factors to consider when you want to get a reliable and suitable vacuum for your cleaning needs; initially you may need to ask yourself:

  • Do you have to use the vacuum to clean the pet hairs or car interior?
  • The type of flooring and layout (including room size) you have at home.
  • Anyone suffering asthma or allergy at home?

You may also want to consider the vacuum price, suction power, types of filter, bagged or bagless, weight, brand, warranty periods, and more. For more detailed guide, you can check out here.

How to Use the Vacuum Cleaner?

While many would read the title few times, and some would even goggle, the how to use a vacuum cleaner is a must video to watch!

We all know how to plug and make our vacuum to work, even if it’s a new technology robotic vacuum cleaner, but do we all know how to use our vacuum correctly?

There are many tips, “hidden” methods and life changing way of using the vacuum cleaner which 90% of us don’t know or don’t do it right.

How to Repair the Cleaning Machine?

After you choose the vacuum cleaner, and used it many times, at some time, usually after few good years, the vacuum would start make problems. It unlucky to happen to one but can be common to another.

The video shows how to fix an upright vacuum suction problem in simple explanation which is very easy to follow. This guide is one you would want to jeep in your favorite site links in case it will happen to you in the future.

There are many more kind of guides for problems with vacuum cleaners, for all the various types and models in the market, but this video is useful for all vacuum cleaners as base guide.

The Vacuum and Pets

You simply can’t list videos of vacuums without showing some pet and vacuums videos. We all know that pets are always fun to watch, what they do is forever will be entertaining. Now add vacuum cleaners to the scene, and you get some of the recent popular videos around the internet!

Cat and Vacuum Cleaner

The favourite vacuum video of all time – cat wearing shark costume on a robot vacuum! Going round and round, the cat and the woman in the video are both indifference, which makes the deal more fun to watch, and of course it’s cute!

Cat Vs Dog

Another cat on vacuum cleaner, this time on Roomba 870, but now fighting the hommie dog. The mighty cat using the iRobot’s Roomba vacuum cleaner to show who is the real conqueror of the house.

Cat Vs Baby

To complete the cat on vacuum cleaner mini list, the great cat is now against the home baby. Both riding iRobot’s Roombas once again, they fight each another in a video which combines the 2 most favorite stuff of the internet, babies and cats. Or is it iRobot and Roomba?

Vacuum Cleaner Advertises

Here comes the entertaining part! The vacuum world is not only about guides and how to use videos, but it also full of funny and amusing videos, especially when looking at the so creative advertise by the vacuum brands. While there are many great advertises out there, here are some of the best and most popular ads:

Funny Vacuum Advertise

This video brings us one of the most freighting vacuums advertises! Or is it? It look like advertise for a horror movies but…? Check it out now, just short 1:32 video by Dirt Devil

Bosch Tiger

When Bosch trying to show how quiet their canister vacuum compare to other companies, they do it with tigers obviously. Well… the result is this amusing cleaver advertising.

Vacuum Cleaner Cartoon Animation

Your kids will like this vacuum cleaner animation cartoon. This video shows the TooToo boy various stints in his day to day life. Check out the video now.

Vacuum Cleaner Noise

To end the list we need some music to our ears. We had guides, ads, pets, and now sound. Or white noise. Some people like to hear 10 hours of rain sounds, or classic music, but what about vacuum cleaner noise?

It might be surprising but sound is pretty pleasant to hear, and some even say that it can help to fall asleep faster, if not for you then for babies. It’s a 10 hour long relaxing video!


Those are some of the vacuum cleaner videos for you. I hope that some of your confusions related to vacuum cleaner will get solved. If you like it or want to include some video related to vacuum, feel free to let us know so that we will include it in the list.

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