Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner – Capturing 100% of Allergens & Dirt!

Last updated on June 5th, 2022

Many people know the  vacuum HEPA filter is an industry standard as many vacuum models are using it, but how many of you know that the water filtration vacuum also existed?

Well, the water filter are usually used in wet and dry vacuum to deal with wet and messy areas. Those cleaners are usually used for commercial and outdoor purposed. 

But now, with the easy availability of compact models, these are increasingly being used for residential purposes cleaner like canister vacuums.

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is comfortable in handling around the house, cleans well and has an added advantage of cleaning the wet areas as well. This makes the machine one of the best all round vacuums.

Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner

The Design & Electrical Components of a Water Vacuum Cleaner

The design of a water vacuum cleaner is simple, and for this reason, it can be rated among simplicity vacuum cleaners. There is no vacuum bag in the machine; instead, it has a two bucket system that is meant to separate the solids and the liquids into two different chambers.

There are only limited wet and dry vacuum cleaners that are equipped with a blower function. This feature helps to expel the air out with a great force. The users can use this feature to collect dry leaves or dust into piles before they are collected finally.

The electrical components inside a water cleaner are well insulated. They are also housed in a different compartment from where the complete working of the vacuum takes place.

This is done primarily to avoid any risk of electrocution, or damage to the machine. This design ensures that the cleaner is completely safe to be used either in wet or dry areas.

The machine is also easy to maintain if you are familiar. Most of the time, the filters needed to be cleaned frequently and replaced when required.

The Benefits of Using a Water Vacuum Cleaner

1.) Great for Allergies/Asthma People

Water vacuum cleaners operate by the concept that dust when wet cannot be airborne and this is exactly what makes this kind of vacuum cleaner beneficial for use over dry vacuum cleaners.

This is because dust and other particles are sucked up by the filter chamber into the water which being heavier than air particles is not carried back into the airflow that is then discharged into the room as is the case with dry vacuum cleaners.

This ensures that all the debris that is trapped has no way of getting out of the vacuum until the water reservoir is drained and cleaned. This is especially appealing for those that sufferers from allergies and asthma.

2.) A Wet and Dry Cleaner

Secondly the fact that water type cleaners use water as part of their working mechanism means that such cleaners can be used on any kind of messes be they wet or dry as opposed to dry vacuum cleaners that can only be used to clean up dry messes.

This therefore means that aside from capturing dust particles water vacuum cleaners are capable of capturing fungus, pollen, and bacteria as well among an array of allergens that may be eliminated by the use of this kind of vacuum cleaner.

3.) Never Clogs

Also, unlike traditional bagged or bagless cleaners, the water system filtration never clogs and hence it able to provide maximum suction and airflow. No bag to buy too!

The only thing is that you need to dump the dirty water away from the vacuum either outdoor or to the toilet. Comparing to dealing with bags with dust, this is far better!

Top 3 Best Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

A wet and dry cleaner stands out of the competition for its versatility. It can treat both wet spills and dry debris with same excellence. There are many jobs that are not just done exceptionally with them but are only possible with them.

#1: Best Overall: Sirena S10NA Bagless Canister Vacuum

This is a state-of-the-art water filtration canister vacuum designed and engineered in Canada to delivered excellent cleaning experience for you. It can efficiently trap the dust mite, allergens and dirts.

Following are some of the notable features of this cleaner:

  • A powerful 1000W motor power provides excellent suction and it never loss suction.
  • It comes with 2-speed modes to clean any floors with different suction power.
  • A large 3.5 liters water basin let you can clean multiple rooms at once.
  • The machine can eliminate 99.99% of all allergens by forcing air into the water (captures it), and keep the allergens from returning into the air.
  • This cleaner is able to pick out wet or dry messes including pet puddles, liquids or suitable for wet area that traditional vacuums can’t.
  • It’s accompanied with 6-attachments for various floors or cleaning tasks including pet hairs, furnitures and mattresses.
  • The canister cleaner comes 21-ft power cord and backed with 3-year warranty.


  • Canada engineering vacuum to ensure it good quality.
  • A multi-surface cleaner (with 6 attachments) that suitable for cleaning various floors.
  • This is a powerful machine that is suitable for wet or dry cleaning.
  • A water filtration eliminates to buy extra bags (save cost).
  • Long 3-year warranty periods



#2: Best Budget: Kalorik Water Filtration Canister Vacuum Cleaner, WFVC 43331 BL

Check the price now

This is a cheap water vacuum cleaner solution for those with budget constraint. This wet and dry bagless cleaner is able to sucked-in and trap the dust, dirt, or particles into the water chamber. Let’s check out it other features:

  • It boasts a lightweight design with cyclonic water filtration vacuum.
  • A large canister (container) with water full indicator.
  • Ability to clean multiple-types of floors (hard floors and carpet) and pet hair.
  • It has 4-caster wheels at the bottom for easy movement.
  • Includes three bonus accessories: crevice tool, dust brush and 2-in-1 floor brush


  • The affordable price is a major advantage of this model compare to other water model.
  • The suction is awesome, light and more versatile and no dirty filter to clean.
  • A water vacuum that even can sucks up the water, pet hair and suitable for carpet as well as hard floors.
  • This machine is quieter than its competitors.


  • It will be good if the hose and power cable could be longer.
  • You have to dump the water but it’s easy to clean the hose, chamber and assemble it back.

#3: Best for Allergies: Rainbow Model E2 Type 12 Vacuum

This is another high-end model from a reputable water filtration vacuum manufacturer, Rainbow. This powerful machine is very versatile and said to be quite durable, as the manufacturer is offering 8-year warranty.

Consumers who have purchased this machine rave about how clean it gets the floors, and the following are the features that you can expect.

  • This Rainbow model use water and HEPA filtration.
  • You can use it to clean various types of floors including hard floors and carpets.
  • It uses 2 hoses, a wet and a dry one
  • LED lights for ease of cleaning dark areas
  • 25-ft cord with 7-ft hose length is good to clean entire room


  • 2-speed modes: High and low for cleaning different surfaces.
  • Good for allergy sufferers as it’s Certified Allergy and Asthma Friendly.
  • All the rebuild or replacement parts are from Rainbow factory original parts.
  • Powerful machine and quiet (while using low-speed mode).


  • This is a high-end model so it’s pricey and not cheap.
  • Large vacuum and cumbersome.

Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaners – Buying Tips

1. Different Types of Water Filtration Vacuums

Buy a vacuum based on your needs! Following are the different categories of wet and dry vacuum cleaners based on their size:

  • Large

The large cleaners are generally the best in all the aspects. Whether it is the speed, the capacity or the level of cleaning, they are excellent at all. The only drawback with them is that they are quite bulky to handle and take up a lot of space.

  • Medium

These are good for most of the situations especially for small office or residential cleaning. While the size is reduced, they are also a little compromising in performance.

  • Small

The small wet and dry vacuum cleaners are a great choice for people looking for portability and ease of use. But it is vital to remember that there is a little compromise on both its capacity and performance.

  • Mini

While these are the best light vacuum, they are a no-comparison to the larger ones when it comes to the performance. They are definitely easier to handle and store.

2. Specifications to Look Out

As aforementioned water models use water to operate and for this reason tend to be much heavier as opposed to dry vacuum cleaners while cleaning. In order to enjoy the full benefits of such a vacuum therefore one of the specifications to look out for before purchasing a water filter cleaner is the weight of the machine itself. Opt for lighter vacuum cleaners owing to the fact that the lighter it is before water is put in the easier it will be to manage one the water reservoir is filled up.

Secondly the size of the water reservoir should also be taken into consideration since larger water chambers will inevitably cause the vacuum cleaner to be heavier while cleaning. Choosing a water filter vacuum with a chamber that is not too large will therefore be beneficial in terms of making it lighter and easier to maneuver while cleaning but caution should be taken not to purchase vacuum cleaners with chambers that are too small as this might necessitate frequent draining and changing of the water during the cleaning process which could also prove to be tedious.

Similarly water vacuum cleaners that have reservoirs which can easily be emptied and cleaned would be preferable over those whose working mechanism is much more complicated.

3. Tips for Optimal Use of Water Cleaners

A water vacuum’s cleaning power is dependent on how clean it’s filter is therefore to ensure that the vacuum’s ability to clean is not compromised it is imperative to ensure that all filters which include the main filter and the HEPA filter depending on the type of vacuum cleaner are carefully removed by unfastening the latch that holds them in place, cleaning them and returning them back to their rightful place once they are dry.

Doing this carefully and regularly will ensure that optimal performance of the water type vacuum is achieved. This therefore makes water filter cleaners generally better than dry vacuum cleaners whose bags need constant replacing and cannot simply be cleaned up like those in a water vacuum.

So, I hope that this article can help you get the intended used vacuum cleaner. If you prefer the new vacuums, then you can go through this site to find out different vacuums for your house cleaning needs.


Vacuum cleaners operate by a suction mechanism aimed at clearing up dust and debris with the dirt being trapped by filters that form some of the components of a vacuum cleaner. Water vacuum cleaners however operate by the use of a water filtration system that captures allergens and dirt before they are exhausted.

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